Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Basing SYW infantry

At the moment I can't make up my mind on the question of Basing my 15mm SYW infantry. For handling/Gaming purposes and to minimize work and costs, I should take the most simple form: 5 bases of 20x20mm with 4 minis each.

But what about the look on the table or on parade. Bigger bases will give more space for arranging the minis, so that they really give the Impression of an Regiment or battaillon in line or column. In this case My favorite at the Moment is three 45x30 mm bases per regiment.

Most rulesets go for more and smaller bases. IMHO 3 bases are enough for showing formations and losses can be counted by dice or Marker. The rules I will use are Black Powder, Field of Battle and Honors of War.

 Your opinions or  suggestions are highly welcome? Thanks for your interest, advise, opinion or suggestion!

Best wishes for 2016!


  1. The 45 x 30mm bases at the bottom let of your post look most promising. I suggest that you leave your drummers separate, so you can place them on the flanks in the rear of the battalion when in line. You can also then place them anywhere else drummer would have been stationed depending on marching/parade/fighting formation.

    Best Regards,


  2. I plan on doing my Napoleonic 15mm with 8 figures on a 40mm wide by 30mm deep base. I would do the same with the SYW. Happy New Year and look forward to some gaming!


  3. Mine are based 4 per 30mm square which seems to work for met rules I use as 3 or 4 base units cavalry are 2 per 30mm square

  4. Thank you all for your advise! Sorry for being Late to answer. At the Moment I am favorising the 45x35mm Version! As soon as the first regiment is finished, I Hope to hear again your opinion.

    Thx again.