Tuesday, 24 November 2015

New 15mm SYW project - On the workbench

It has been a long time since my last post. I haven't been in the mood to post or work on one of my projects for a while. But since september my motivation started to grow due to working on a ACW scenario for Field of Battle. After setting it up, I started building some of the needed terrain pieces. With working on these my mojo came back. As we couldn't arrange a game, everything has still to be kind of a secret. ....!

But there is also a new project evolving from The ruleset Field of Battle. I really have to say, that I Love FOB. Straight forward rules for fighting real battles (no skirmishes anymore) especially in 15mm. Thankfully my friends Franz and Christopher introduced me and Nick to FOB and after two introductionary games, I ordered my own copy of FOB. Both games were 15mm ACW scenarios we refighted with Franz' and chris' 15mm ACW collections. To sum it up: Great fun and exzellent ruleset i.m.h.o.. I am not writing a FOB review, but I am really encouraging everybody who is interested in fighting battles from 1700 till 1880 to give FOB a try.

I for myself meanwhile decided to begin a new project in 15mm to game with FOB. As I am allready doing 28mm ACW and Chris and Franz allready own a good 15mm ACW collection, I thought to go for SYW in 15mm. I am hoping to change between both projects regularly, to keep Motivation high. 

For the 15mm SYW I decided to go for prussia and austria. Well I have to admit that I am really fond of Fredericus Rex and his army. One of germanies greatest persons in history. But I have also to admit, that his role is widely discussed here in Germany, with many today giving him a kind of dark aura or better seeing him as the beginning of germanies aggressive past. Well, I totally don't agree this that, but....! 

After checking all the available 15mm Minis and contacting several Distributors, I placed a huge order with "time cast" . They made a good price and so I decided to Order Old glory minis from them. Their Service is excellent and I really can recomment them and also their own terrain pieces. (I also ordered one house and a stonewall. Very good Quality for a good Price! The order arrived today 3 days After Dispatch from UK to germany. Indeed not bad at all. Thanks "Time Cast"!

Overall I thought to take the Risk of ordering everything to Set up one prussian and one Austrian Army about the same size, hoping to form this enormous mount of lovely lead someday into well painted armies. Perhaps somebody wants to make a bet about a date when enough Minis will be painted to march for a First battle!  2-3 years I guess.

The Good at the Moment is that the old glory minis are the quality I hoped to get, so that the risk of ordering so many hasn't evolved into a disaster!

I hope to finish Frederiks Command group within the next Week. 

Before my decision to go for 15mm SYW, I allready tried 28mm and below you see some Front Rank Prussians I am working on, which now have to wait to be finished a little longer. Well, they're in a good Company with the grenadiers of infantry Regiment Nr 1 Winterfeldt! 

Have a good Time! Thanks for passing by!



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  2. That sounds interesting! Not sure what your basing plans are, but I'd recommend for infantry 8 figures on a 40mm x 30mm base. Looking forward to watching your progress on this project. Your 28mm figures you painted look very nice!

    Anyhow that pile of figures should keep you very busy! Also your correct FoB2 is a great rule set!


  3. Thx Chris,

    Well, I am not sure how to base them at the moment, but your recommendation is very welcome! Next Time we meet we should Talk about that in Detail!


  4. As you know it's no period that really interests me but I'll follow your progress closely and hope to get a closer look on them once they're finished.

  5. Very nice vignettes, any pics of the finished work? :)Cheers!