Thursday, 4 June 2015

ACW: Hoods Texans - Colonel Testfigure

After I have finished all plastic Perry minis, which will be the backbone with 2 Brigades and 3 Guns of my CSA Army, I am planning to add Hoods Texas Brigade. The figures are allready waiting to be mustered into service and consist of Sash and Saber & Old Glory figures. Some weeks ago I did an Officer as a testfigure. He's from the Old Glory 2nd Edition ACW Range. I really like the pose of the mini and I am very satisfied with how he came out.

There are still 2 plastic CSA regiments waiting to be based, one CSA gun, two US Regiments and two US Guns to be painted, before I will do the Texans. 


  1. A beautiful pose and a great paint brush!

  2. Looks like I almost missed this one. He does look great Sasha and good to hear you have a lot going on on the painting desk.