Sunday, 24 May 2015

SYW Prussian Army. His Majesty Frederick the Great

Currently I am mainly focussing on the ACW project. There are 6 CS and  2 US Regiments awaiting the basing process. But to distract myself a little bit from the process of assembling, preparing, painting and basing these 8 regiments, I painted up Frederick the Great and Hussar General Zieten. Also, I was in the mood to do some more complex paint work, as I don´t put much effort in the plastic ACW infantry. The figure for this small prussian command base/vignette are FRONT RANK and were really a pleasure to paint, cause of the finer details on these fine minis. I am really happy with how the minis look with the base colors, wash and too highlight applied. With the horses I am not really satisfied, perhaps somebody can help me, how to improve on painting these.

Thx for watching!


  1. Very nice work indeed Sascha! I think you should keep on painting more SYW!

    Horses are a bit tricky, but I paint them pretty much how I paint other figures just on a larger scale.


  2. Thank you Chris. Perhaps, We talk about painting horses the next time we meet a little bit. Like with everything else, it will also come with doing more horses��

  3. Well done Sascha! Painting horses sometimes can be a real pain in the back but I think you managed it really well. The chequered one is ace.

  4. Happy that you like them. Well, Perhaps I should have been more precise. It's not that I don't like how the horses look. In fact they are the best I've done till now. I simple want to be better in painting Horstes ;-).

  5. This vignette is awesome!

  6. Good to see you like it.