Wednesday, 27 May 2015

ACW Project 1st update 2015

Yesterday, I finished four new confederate regiments. The miniatures are mainly Perry Plastics with some Foundry and Perry Metals added. Only one Regiment and the officers were painted with highlights. The officers to stand out a little bit and the "one" regiment to try out the painting style for the next units to come, which will be Sash and Saber and Old Glory amd I want these to be the Texas Brigade painted in a higher standard than the plastics. The rest plastics only got the main colors and a wash, because I wanted the units to be quickly available for gaming. But at arm length, they all will be fine looking on the tabletop. And surely I hope that the Texans will  "distinguish" themselves on the tabletop not only in look but also in combat ;-)

What I forgot to mention is that I converted a lot of the plastics, mainly the heads. The all butternut Regiment was also converted to running. 

By the way the terrain seen on the pictures have been mostly done parallel to the figures. So overall february up to now were quite productive months. And I think the first main goal to set up two brigades for union and confederates is in reach. I hope my motivation will not fade this summer ;-)
But overall I am really happy with how the ACW project is developing and I must confess, that I really have to control myself not to buy more stuff, because there are still or better allready over 120 Johnny Rebs and Billy Yanks waiting to be mustered into service.


  1. Very nice indeed! That terrain came out nice too.

  2. A very fine job indeed Sascha! Your army combined with mine will for allow us some pretty good sized games I think! Looking forward to seeing what rolls off your assembly line next!


  3. Your gamingt table could be quite crowded ;-)

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  5. Nice looking minis, and terrain!