Sunday, 5 October 2014

SYW - Prussian Infantry Regiment von Winterfeldt

As alsways with a new project or task motivation is high. Yestersday I had some spare time so I prepared, primed and painted some figures. Actually I prepared the whole grenadier detachment, but primed only 10 figures to test if black or white or a mix would suit me best. For me the white works best. white highlight on black gives nearly the same results but it´s one step more in do. So I decided to use white primer. The evening I spend painting the officer, a grenadier marching and a wounded grenadier. I put all the effort into them I could muster in talent and mental energies. For the ACW I mostly did quick painting from the production line, nearly no highlights and quickshade after the premier colours. This time I had the motivation and also the new colors. I started using the foundry system (also for ACW), after Christopher gave me the hint to try them out. Thx Chris. Excellent colors and with the shade, normal and light tones easy to use without need to mix. I am quite satisfied this the result and eager to finish the other grenadiers. Here are some examples. This time the pictures are the best my poor equipment will deliver, but a least you can see the figures.


  1. They look ACE. I'm honestly looking forward to have a closer look at them when we meet next time at Christophers.

  2. They look excellent Sascha! I'm looking forward to seeing the complete regiment painted up!