Wednesday, 1 October 2014

SYW - New Prussian Army project

Well, as I am lacking the motivation for ACW Infantry at the moment, I thougt of doing an prussian infantry regiment of the SYW. As I allready told in my first post, I also want to do SYW. I really like that part of german history and with its really interessting facts and intervening factors still influencing us today.

After some research in my library I decided to paint a grenadier detachment from  Infantry Regiment Nr.1, because I like the color scheme and the regimental history is also quite impressive. The regimental numbers haven´t been given in that time. So it´s not the first regiment. In the times of frederick the great and before the regiments were named after that commanding officers. And from 1756-1757 that was the famous Generalleutnant von Winterfeldt. He fell on the 7th september 1757 in the Battle of Moys leading a counter attack. He survived the deadly wound to his spine only for a few hours. These hours he used for giving comprehensive orders. The King Frederick mourned the death of Winterfeldt a lot. And said something like this. " I will find means to overcome my enemies, but I will seldom meet a Winterfeldt." The greatest day for the regiment was the 4th june 1745 at Hohenfriedeberg. There the prussian army was victories over an austrian army and the regiment (at that time "regiment von Hacke") broke through the austrian lines capturing a lot of enemy colors. The commander Col Massow (there is a difference between the owner of the regiment and the actual officer who is leading it in his name) fell,  but five "pour-le-merite" were given to honor the success and bravery. So, you see why I´ve chosen the Regiment von Winterfeldt. Below you see a picture depicting him and leading his regiment during a charge in the battle of Prag 6th may 1756. (The pictures and the facts have been taken from "Die Schlachten Friedrich des Großen" by Engelmann und Dorn, Dörfler Verlag and from "Die Infanterie Regimenter Friedrich des Großen" by Engelmann und Dorn, Dörfler Verlag)


The regiments uniform will look like this.

The miniatures are from Black Hussar
And I think that they are the best cast metal miniatures I have seen so far. I am really looking forward to painting them. But it will surely take a while due to a lot of other commitments. Below some examples. They have a lot of detail and nearly no gratings, impressive work by black hussar in my opinion.


  1. Super Projekt...:) Freue mich darauf, die Jungs bemalt zu sehen!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the regiment all painted up!