Friday, 12 September 2014

ACW - Progress 2014 II

Well, since my last post I have been away on several business trips and vacation. I haven ´t got a lot done, but I also haven´t been too lazy. So, I finished my first Union brigade (Pictures will follow) and a union gun and a confederate battery of two guns and command. The CS battery depict the rockbrigde artillery from Stonewall Jackson Corps.

I also did another CS brigade commander. The famous General J.B. Gordon. I really like the story behind this brave general who started the war 1861 as a captain and ended 1865 as Lt General and Corps Commander at Appomatox.

Sorry for the low quality pictures. I really have to buy a camera!


  1. They look great Sascha and I think you have been quite productive! Looking forward to when we can game again!:-)


  2. Excellent looking bunch of figures! As Chris I'm looking forward to cast an eye on them in the flesh.