Tuesday, 23 September 2014

ACW - Progress 2014 III

As I haven´t had the energy to finish the Zouave Rgt, I shifted to another Command Group. For bigger games I thought I needed not only a Division or Corps Commander but Army Commander. So I decided for General Lee. He´s escorted by Lt General Longstreet and receives the report from Major General JB Hood. On the (again bad, sorry) picutres you can also see a testing of a selfmade terrain fur made. I am not quite satisfied, but with a bit effort it´s easy to achieve good results with cheap fur and even cheaper paint spray.

Updated 01.10.14 with better photos. Not really good, but  alot better than before.


  1. They realy look nice but maybe you should invest in a daylight lamp for better photos.

  2. Thank you Nick. Well, it's not only the light. I am lacking everything to get pleasing pictures. And I am sorry/affraid due to space time, this will be so until I have moved into our new family home in end of 2015 or early 2016. Up to that date 😔😔😒😞!