Saturday, 3 May 2014

ACW Project

Well, I started to do this Blog for keeping track of my wargaming Hobby!

As allready stated,  I am favoring ACW, SYW and Ancients (Esp. Greeks). As my second Hobby is military history, I also have an interest in nearly everything up to the Cold War.

At the moment the ACW is my favorite period. I have been a lot influenced by the Books of Douglas Southall Freeman "Lee's Lieutenants". That is the reasons that for my first project I decided to concentrate on the ACW. For a second project, to be done some day, I am thinking about SYW Prussian, Austrian and Russian Armies.

The ACW- Project:
- Division sieze battles in 28mm, Corps and Army sized battle sin 6mm.
- I will collect and paint both sides. For Solo Gaming and Game Hosting.
- 28mm rule set will be BLACK POWDER (BC)
- 6mm rule set? No decision yet, but perhaps BC also.

Project Status May 2014.
- 2 CSA 28mm Regiments finished
- 3 US 28mm Regiments - working on
- US/CSA  28mm Brigade and Division Commands - working on

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