Saturday, 3 May 2014

Thougths on wargaming - Beginner perspective

Well, I started Historical Wargaming last december 2013. As a bloody  beginner my sources of Inspiration are the internet (Shops, miniatures-manufacturers, blogs), Military/Historical literature and other enthusiast. So, I thougth my Blog needs a links/ Blog-List to get Information, Inspiration or simply (Most Important) to get in contact with like minded People. As I live in Germany Historical wargaming isn't a popular Hobby at all, so getting to know other enthusiasts is vital. So searching the Internet can bring you in contact with Local, but few, wargamers. The next  point is the inspiration and ideas you find, consume and transfer for your own projects.

Another good source of Information for a beginner is Henry Hyde's " wargaming compendium" which give an overview over nearly everything connected with the wargaming Hobby. It Easy and Fun to read. I can füll heartedly recommend it and his blog.
Henry's Blog
Wargaming compendium

From Time to Time I wil update my links and Blogs-list to share my inspirations.

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