Sunday, 11 May 2014

ACW 28mm Project 1st UpDate

Well, I think, I have to become more focused on the ACW project and plan it in more detail. First of all I decided to stay focused on collecting and finishing 28mm Armies for both sides. (Solo Games and Hosting Games at my some Day). So, I will stop all planning and working on 6mm ACW for this Year at least and postpone 6mm. Why? The main reasons are that the 28mm project is allready making good progress, I tried and like the BLACK POWDER rules, and last I am happy to have found some guys for gaming nearby.

The plan for the 28mm ACW Armies is to collect CSA and USA armies in division size. Both Armies will have nearly the same order of battle. First of all each side will get their division commander and a first brigade, the rest will follow afterwards. 

Army Command
  • 60mm roundbase
  • Major General with AdC and flag bearer
  • 40x40mm bases 
  • 3 Infantry Brigade with 1 mounted Brigade Commander and 4 regiments each
  • Regiments will consist of 20 to 28 figures 
  • basing in size as needed
  • 3 batteries represented by one gun
  • 1 mounted commander as representing the Commander of an supporting artillery bataillon
  •  I am not planning to include a Cavalry command for 28mm because I see no tactical (historical) reason to do so. Perhaps one day for a special scenario.
Special units
  • Both sides will get a sharpshooters unit as skirmishers. For the US it will be Berdan's Sharpshooters
  • based as skirmishers on 20mm roundbase bases.
Spending long time "consulting" the internet. I decided on the following miniatures, as a composite between cost and quality:
The redoubt and sash and saber miniatures made the best Impression on me. For well painted ones see  christopher's Blog Bunker Hill.  As I had the chance to hold and see them in person in his wargaming room, his figures and painting style impressed me so much, that I want to get my hands to work on my own ones.

Painting style
Well, I "only" want to achieve wargaming Standard. I like painting, but it consumes time. If I ever want to finish an army/projects and come to Gaming, I have to keep on track. One Way to achieve this is to achieve maximum results with Minimum effort. Last I have to admit that I am lacking the techniques and experience to achieve more. ;-)

Writing this blog helps me to stay focused and motivated. 


  1. It looks like a great plan and will for sure enable us to see some ACW wargaming this summer if your able to realize that. Your figures and terrain look good as well!

    Your figure selection sounds very practical and should work out good. As you know I'm a huge Redoubt fan, but they are expensive.


  2. Thank you for comment, Christopher!